[aprssig] Igate statistics for AVRS system

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 2 15:43:17 CDT 2008

Is there a page that shows the live Igate statistics?

I just checked http://www.aprs-is.net/igateslive.aspx
Which shows them all on a map, but I need statistics like:

1) Total number (generally)
2) Number of each kind of Igate software

Are most of them Uiview?  What percent? 

I need to specify some common settings for
local-community-service-Igates so that we can start seeing some
consistent performance.  Particularly, I have been working since
2000 on getting APRS handshaking with Echolink and IRLP so that
end-to-end users desiring to talk can simply send an APRS
message to a callsign, and the APRS/APRS-IS and VOIP systems
will just make it happen via an engine I call AVRS.

See the web page:

But for this to work, the AVRS engine has to be able to send out
a VOICE FREQ object through the nearest Igate of the
called-party so he can SEE what local Echolink or IRLP he needs
to tune to.  With the new D710 seeing such an object, he can
complete the call with just the press of the TUNE button.

Here is how it works:
1- sender enter messages to AVRS with CALLEE CALLSIGN
2- AVRS engine responds with FREQ OBJECT back to CALLER
3- AVRS engine also sends FREQ OBJECT thru CALLEE's Igate
4- CALLER pushes D710 TUNE button
5- CALLEE pushes D710 TUNE button
The voice QSO begins (anywhere on the planet)...

All we need is someone to write the AVRS engine.  Everything
else EXISTS and has EXISTED since 2001.  Now we have the D710 to
make steps 4 and 5 easy.  But without the D710, the end users
only have to enter the frequency to make the QSO...

If we can get every Igate to enter his own MYCALL-15 into his
PASS-OBJECTS-ADDRESSED-TO-MYCALL-15 into his pass-to-RF list,
then the AVRS engine can know apriori how to force the object
through to the caller and callee.

It would be even nicer if the Igates would allow the non RF
MYCALL-AV in that list, becasuse then there would be no conflict
with any existing users callsigns, but it woiuld still work,
since the objects are 3rd parth format and will pass back to RF
OK that way...


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