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[aprssig] Parallel Port PIC programming Help

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Sun May 4 21:13:46 UTC 2008

I am looking for some help with the programming of 16f628a PIC 

PC is a Toshiba 2140 CDS laptop running WIN2000 Pro
I have a FoxDelta PIC Parallel programmer pre assembled 
I have tried WINPICPROG V 1.95 beta and Oshonsoft software and have asked
both questions 
with no results  the beta version is for the (a version chip )

I have the parallel port driver loaded

I am trying to up grade to aprs tracker code V0 11 

Reason for upgrade is that the FD version has no Altitude showing and I feel
that the smart beaconing rate is to slow for our road speed
and is more suited to EU 

I have tried every thing on the above software sites and tried all the 
different combinations of settings 
I have replaced the 74HC14 chip on the PIC board checked voltages etc 
Started with 13.8 Vlts regulated up to 18vlts 
How do I tell if the PIC is damaged internally ?

Is there anyone using a Parallel programmer if so what program are you using

Any Help suggestions appreciated 

73 Phillip

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