[aprssig] TM-D710 & StreetPilot III

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon May 5 09:52:53 CDT 2008

During development of the T2 I found that a lot of Garmin receivers have 
very specific rules about what characters they do and don't accept for 
waypoint names.  I coded as many of those rules into the T2 as I could, 
and have updated them a couple of times.  Underscores and spaces are 
frequent sources of problems, and decimal points in frequency objects. 
I think dashes are ok.

I found the Magellan units to be much more forgiving.  If you give them 
a character they don't like, they just won't display it.  Garmins tend 
to either give an error, or (if it's in the comment text) drop some or 
all of the string.  It's just too bad the Magellan symbol set stinks and 
can't be updated.


Phillip Pacier wrote:
> I now have the aforementioned setup in my truck.  When I attempt to have 
> the D710 feed the waypoint data into the StreetPilot III, I get very 
> frequent "database errors".  I can't seem to pin down any certain packet 
> type that causes the error.  When I used to run a GPS-V and a D700, I 
> would get these errors very infrequently.  Now it's so much I cannot 
> make use of it.
> Has anyone else noticed this?  Thanks!
> 73
> Phil - AD6NH
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