[aprssig] APRS Green

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 5 09:58:27 CDT 2008

> What do I do for my house with backup battery 
> power, emergency power (generator), HF, solar 
> power, and wind power?

My thinking was that you would use the "E".  One could argue
that the "E" should be reserved for automatic use when the power
goes out and some systems shift to "E"mergency backup power...
On the other hand, if one is running all the time on such power,
then the "E" would also seem to apply...

THen again, we could designate "A" for Alternative energy to be
the catch-all
That can be used to indicate a combination of energy sources.
Can anyone think of any other uses for "A" for a  house before
we commit?

> >
> > /- = House
> > \- = The original HF house
> > B- = Backup Battery Power
> > E- = Emergency power
> > G- = Geothermal
> > H- = HF
> > O- = Operator Present (automatic only)
> > S- = Solar Powered
> > W- = Wind powered

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