[aprssig] Kenwood TH-D7 Batteries (and Icom,Alinco,Yaesu)

Hasan Schiers schiers at netins.net
Thu May 8 11:15:35 CDT 2008

A frequent concern of Kenwood D7 (aprs dual bander with built-in TNC) 
owners is batter life. I have found dramatic improvement in battery life 
using the item(s) described below.

While perusing May QST, I ran ran across a nice 6 cell AA battery case 
for the D7 and G7 handhelds at Batteries America. Unlike the 4 x AA 
battery case that has been available for quite a few years, this one has 
six slots, and can be ordered with a spring belt clip that fits all the 
standard D7 battery cases.

The problem with the 4 cell case is if used with NIMH recharging 
batteries, the D7 only runs for a very short time, no matter how high 
the capacity of the batteries, as 1.2 x 4 = 4.8v, and even at the peak, 
1.4 x 4 = 5.6v. The intended purpose for the original 4 cell AA pack was 
alkalines where 1.6 x 4 = 6.4v, which is much more acceptable for the D7.

With this 6 cell case and NIMH batteries, one gets 1.2 x 6 = 7.2v, which 
even at the terminal (low end) voltage of the recharge cycle life is 
adequate for the D7, and I have found that after recharging my 2500 maH 
AA NIMH Energizer camera batteries produces about 8 volts from the pack, 
and will run my D7 in packet mode, dual receive all day and then some. 
(I'm on my 2nd day, shutting down just to sleep)

Another nice feature of the pack is that it uses a sliding drawer access 
to the batteries, and of course, fits both the d7 and g7 just fine.

I own several of the high current 7.2v 1800 maH Maha packs which work 
well, but not nearly as well as this 6 cell AA pack with 2500 maH AA 
cells. The model number is BT-11H for the Kenwood D7/G7 Handhelds. 
$24.95 (no batteries).

I  have a dozen 2500 maH batteries laying around, which gives me two 
packs, one for the radio, the other for the charger. I no longer run out 
of battery power for my D7...and have been experimenting with the 
Energizer 15 minute charger (with AC & Car Cord) and find it works very, 
very well. I do have reservations about how hard this is hitting the 
batteries (even with the built in cooling fan on the charger) and their 
ultimate lifetime, but only time will tell. (Wal-Mart, $30.00 with 4 AA 

I ordered on line from Batteries America, and received my cases/clips 
within 3 days.

www.batteriesamerica.com is the web site. I have no connection to them, 
other than being very pleased with this new 6 cell AA case for the D7 
and G7.

I'm also going to test the newer MAHA MH-C9000 Advanced Battery Charger, 
which has a large display, 4 independently configurable charging slots 
(AA and AAA only), and loads of other features like the C777 model. It 
recharges AA cells in one hour, which should be easier on the batteries 
than the Energizer 15 minute unit.


Price: $59.97

I hope someone finds this info useful, even for other handhelds, as 
Batteries America lists similar custom AA cases in their May QST ad for 
Icom, Alinco and Yaesu handhelds, many models. (4th from last page, left 
hand column, adjacent to the Index of Advertisers)


...hasan, N0AN

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