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[aprssig] Re: javAPRSFilter "AND" logic

Pierre Thibaudeau ve2prt at sympatico.ca
Thu May 8 17:29:46 UTC 2008

Today, 09:08 -0700, dick at kb7zva.com wrote:

>    My point is that a "+" really isn't needed, the filters are 'additive' in any
>    combination. Yes, the minus "-" filtering further allows you to fine tune any
>    requirements you may have.

Hi Dick,

Here is an example: I am interested only in DSTAR related traffic 
originating in prefix VE2/VA2. The filter I need is "p/VE2/VA2" AND 
"d/DSTAR". If I specify "p/VE2/VA2 d/DSTAR" I get ALL traffic in my area 
plus all DSTAR traffic worldwide. Designing a exclusion filter to exclude 
all "d"'s expect DSTAR is impossible and by the same token it is 
impossible to design an exclusion filter to exclude everything except 
VE2/VA2. In both cases, there are just too many possibilities even with 

'73 - Pierre

Pierre Thibaudeau
VA2AKA/VA2RKA sysadmin

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