[aprssig] simple and cheap digapeater?

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Thu May 8 15:11:16 CDT 2008

Well the easiest and most reliable digipeater would be using a Kantronics
KPC-3+ TNC with any 2 m radio.  Make sure you set the TNC up for remote
access to that you can make programming changes without going up to the
digipeater.  For settings, see our NW APRS web site below.

Now since you mentioned that a home station can make it all the way to
Canada, make sure that all your home stations are set to respond to WIDE1-1.
That way any mobile which is heard by a home station will be digipeated by
that home station.  Your mobile should be using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 or
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 just make sure the first hop is a WIDE1-1 your second hop
could go as high as a WIDE3-3 since you are in a sparsely located area of
our NW APRS network.

Let me know if you need any specific help,

Herb, KB7UVC
NW APRS Group, West Sound Coordinator
Our WEB Site:  http://www.nwaprs.info

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  I am wondering what I need to setup a cheap and simple digapeater.  I live
out in the middle of nowhere (Babb) Montana. As I drive into town to get
groceries (180 mi round trip) I will hear an APRs packet about 3 or 4 times
in the trip and that is it.  The whole area is covered by wide-area
repeaters so I don't think it will be hard to get permission to put one up.
The cost and lack of knowledge is the problem.  I think one in the are would
be helpful because Glacier National Park is next door and the lack of cell
phone coverage.  Eventually I want to put up a weather station locally but I
think this area needs a digapeater first.
  Note: I forgot to mention but if you had a APRs base station you can reach
the diameters in Canada but not with a mobile or a portable.

  Any help or advise would greatly be helpful.

  73's and Thank you in advance,
  Tacker, KG4LNG
  kg4lng at vordemberge.net
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