[aprssig] Voice Repeater ==> APRS Interface

Corey Shields cshields at indiana.edu
Thu May 8 17:11:07 CDT 2008

Jason KG4WSV wrote:
> I see a serious problem with the idea; maybe it's just my own fat
> fingered typing, but I don't see a write-only type data entry
> mechanism being accurate enough to be useful.  If I can't do APRS, I
> don't see any feedback of the data I have entered. The number of key
> presses required are variable, and the data is reasonably long.
I would have the same problem and barrier of entry preventing me from 
using this type of setup.  I have a hard enough time "landing" on the 
right letter when trying to SMS with a numbered keypad on a cell 
phone...  If I were to do that on a keypad with no feedback display I'd 
estimate a 75% success rate at best.  That success drops to close to 
nothing if I didn't have a phone nearby with printed letters to 
cross-reference with (my TH-22AT does not have letters printed along 
with the numbered keys for instance).

The desired result is very commendable, but I don't see this 
implementation as being very practical.

-Corey  KB9JHU

Corey Shields
High Performance Systems, Indiana University - UITS

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