[aprssig] Voice Repeater ==> APRS Interface

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Thu May 8 21:00:15 CDT 2008

> someone might try 99999888888..  which could also be W9VV, W9TVU, XY8TT, 
> etc..)  As your doc states, the proper way to do this would be 
> 9A999988A88A88, but I bring this up to point out that all it takes is 

A?  That's another problem.  At a glance, only half of the radios I have 
here have A/B/C/D.  Well, more than half can do it, but some reuse other 
buttons and it's not clear which one is which.  I avoided that column 
entirely for my commands.

I agree with the problem of distinguishing APRStt from command codes. 
On my repeater, hitting 0 will repeat the last stored transmission, and 
1 will prompt you to record a voicemail message.


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