[aprssig] Voice Repeater ==> APRS Interface

Joseph Burford joseph at josephburford.com
Fri May 9 09:34:46 CDT 2008

> My point is, regardless of how simple an interface is and how easy the
> instructions are, it is guaranteed that people will find ways to screw it
> up, and unfortunately it will happen a lot more often than one might think.
> The IRLP connection issue is a perfect example.

6 years ago I was running an IRLP node, looking through the log it
would make your eyes water to see how often it took 3 or 4 goes for
ops to get it right. Back then it was only three digit node numbers,
you just had to enter 4 DTMF codes in a row.

Yes it is that hard :-(

I think regardless of how simple it is to implement from a technology
point of view on the repeater side, user error will be the killer.
Having DTMF command memories will help, but that's also likely to
increase the number of people who just splat DTMF up on their local
repeater without identifying themselves correctly.

Good luck Bob :-)




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