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[aprssig] Kenwood Status - Thinking about TH-D7AG purchase

K7FTP k7ftp at commtechreview.net
Fri May 9 22:06:49 UTC 2008

I would agree with the DB-9 vs. mini-DIN issue, although I don't care which 
gender of DB-9 they use on the radio - you can still go to RadioShack and 
get a M/F or F/F DB-9 cable.

Yes, RS actually stocks them in the store.  Try going to Best Buy and asking 
for a serial cable or RS-232 cable.  They literally don't know anything 
other than USB.  I asked several folks in there, none of them knew what I 
was talking about.  Maybe I'm too old (38).

Maybe they were thinking that min-DIN would be easier to fish through tight 
places in mobile installs?

I also agree that I don't like the way the GPS connects to the head unit 
rather than the radio on the D710.  The D700A is one simple, locking cable 
to the control head.  I can disconnect that and put the head unit in our 
locking center console.  It's quick and reasonably clean.  More cables and 
it's not so clean.

The other thing I wish it had was a simple NMEA pass-through to the serial 
port in APRS mode.  That would be really nice.  I REALLY wish the D700A did 

But, I'm looking for two HT's now - and I'm still leaning towards the D7AG. 
I'd like to know what Kenwood is planning before I buy.  If anyone hears 
anything at Dayton, please update the list.

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> On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 3:54 PM, Ben Lindner <vk5jfk at activ8.net.au> wrote:
>> Jason
>> What don't you like about the 710?  I plan on buying 1 next month at our
>> local hamfest
> Oh, it's not that I don't like it.  I have a D700 myself.  I had
> _hoped_ for some serious improvements with the new model, but the big
> new things with the 710 seem to be a) the ability to tune to a freq
> based on an APRS report comment, and b) sort the list of APRS reports.
> As far as improvements go, the 710 had nothing substantial.
> The also made the bizarre and, IMO, stupid decision to change the
> serial connector to mini-DIN.  DB9 is the standard for serial
> connectors; if you are space constrained, the current practice in the
> computer industry is to use an RJ45.  Both of those connectors have a
> locking mechanism, but the mini-DIN does not.  IMO _every_ connector
> on a mobile rig should have a way to lock it in place; friction fit
> and reliability do not go together.
> My wish list of serious improvements would include: first and
> foremost, flash upgrade capability; ability to use the TNC with an
> APRS application and still use the control head in APRS mode; locking
> serial connectors of the correct gender (the D700 DB9 is backwards);
> and probably lots of other things.
> A _real_ improvement would be to open source the APRS part, but I'm
> not nearly dumb enough to expect that.
> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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