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[aprssig] Overlooked TM-D710 Features

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 9 22:58:57 UTC 2008

> [for] improvements... the 710 had nothing substantial.
> ... the big new things with the D710 seem to be 
> a) the ability to tune to a freq [in an APRS packet]
> b) sort the list of APRS reports.

I think you are quite ill-informed...

> My wish list of serious improvements would include: 
> c) ...flash upgrade capability

IT DOES!  New Download will be available at dayton.

> d) ability to use the TNC with an APRS application 
> and still use the control head in APRS mode...


> locking serial connectors of the correct gender 
> (the D700 DB9 is backwards);

IT CHANGED.  It changed the serial connector to a data DIN.

IN addition, here are other improvements that you did not

E) The display head can be detached and used stand-alone with
ANY radio, scanner, HT or anything with audio RX or TX since the
entire APRS functionality and TNC and serial port is totally
contained in the display head, not the radio.  Take it inside an
plug into any old HT for continuing operation in doors.

F) This TNC/Display head can be used like any other TNC for any
packet application but not only for 1200 but also 9600 baud with
any radio.  

G) The D710 outputs the full APRS symbol set out the GPS port so
that GPS devices such as the AVMAP G5 will display all other
APRS stations with their full APRS symbol set, not just a
WAYPOINT symbol.

H) The D710 Display head can be a WX station.  Just plug in a
Peet Bros or DAVIS WX station and set it to WX mode.

I) The D710 can not only sort the 100 deep station list by CALL,
by TIME, by Distance, but it can also FILTER by TYPE.  SO if you
want to see JUST the digipeaters, or just the WX stations or
Just the mobiles, or just the objects, that is only a few
buttons away.

J) You can FILTER by the same above types.  This lets you
capture an entire 100 deep list of just the selected TYPE  you
are interested in....

K) The D710 defaults to New-N Paradigm settings.

L) The D710 has Smart beaconing, and Proportional pathing, and
Decay to vastly reduce network loading.

M) The D710 has multiple user defined message phrases that can
be easily edited into messages with a few key strokes.

N) The D710 uses a microphone with RJ45's on BOTH ends so you
can remote the mic any distance.  The control head uses RJ45's
so you can remote it any distance with common pre-fab RJ45

O) The D710 has a new button to avoid the old push-n-hold
Function key to make it much easier to access all data and

P) The D710 display is 8 bytes wider than the D700

I am sure there is much more that I am not remembering.  Plus it
has been out for a year, and I sure do enjoy using all of the
above features! 


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