[aprssig] Overlooked TM-D710 Features

Jason KG4WSV kg4wsv at gmail.com
Fri May 9 19:54:55 CDT 2008

On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 5:58 PM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> I think you are quite ill-informed...

Could be, and it wouldn't be the first time...

The dual-use TNC is good news, as is the flash upgrade path.  Haven't
seen either advertised (or tested, for that matter).

> IT CHANGED.  It changed the serial connector to a data DIN.

I'm not sure what planet or hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals one would
have to be on to consider this an _improvement_.

> E) The display head can be detached and used stand-alone with
> ANY radio, scanner,

To me, that's more feature creep than actual improvement.  I'm gonna
buy a $600 radio, and not use the radio part of it?  I don't think

> F) This TNC/Display head can be used like any other TNC for any
> packet application but not only for 1200 but also 9600 baud with
> any radio.

This would be interesting if it were available for a reasonable price
without the radio - again, I'm not gonna spend $600 on a radio and not
use the radio part, and given the obscene cost of a D700 control head
replacement, I don't see it being offered separately at a reasonable

> G) The D710 outputs the full APRS symbol set out the GPS port so
> that GPS devices such as the AVMAP G5 will display all other
> APRS stations with their full APRS symbol set, not just a
> WAYPOINT symbol.

If it speaks NMEA, how does it do that? What you really mean is that
it puts out a custom waypoint symbol that only one rather expensive
GPS unit will understand, right?  If it doesn't work with my MAP60C
(or insert your favorite GPS here), that's a pretty limited feature.

> H) The D710 Display head can be a WX station.  Just plug in a
> Peet Bros or DAVIS WX station and set it to WX mode.

$600 for a D710 weather station, or about $150 for an Opentracker and
any old radio weather station.  Next!

The sorting/filtering is nice.

Did they fix the item display bug?

Did they add some RAM to make it useful for higher bandwidth packet

I don't want folks to think I'm down on Kenwood, or that I am
recommending they not buy the 710.  I have a 700, and a D7, and I like
'em both. I am a little disappointed that there weren't many real
improvements, especially after the years that separated the D700 and
D710 releases.

I do object to noting every _change_ in the radio and calling it an
_improvement_.  Let's be honest in our assessment of the device, and
not just be unthinking Kenwood cheerleaders because they're making the
only ARPS radio.


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