[aprssig] Overlooked TM-D710 Features

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri May 9 20:15:31 CDT 2008

>> It changed the serial connector to a data DIN.
> I'm not sure what planet or hallucinogenic 
> pharmaceuticals one would have to be on to 
> consider this an _improvement_.

Seems great to me.  Its smaller, easier to plug in in the blind,
and the connector is a thin right-angle one, so it only
protrudes about 1/2 inch behind the unit.  Seems like an
improvement to me...

>> E) The display head can be detached and used 
>> stand-alone with ANY radio, scanner,
> To me, that's more feature creep than actual 
> improvement.  I'm gonna buy a $600 radio, and 
> not use the radio part of it?  I don't think
> so...

I use it much more creatively than that.  At work for example, I
can carrry the Display head inside in my pocket and connect it
to the earphone jack on *ANY* old HT sitting around and continue
to monitor APRS using the D710 at my desk..  Very handy and
portable complete APRS system...  Very nice for demos.  Very
nice for special events when carrying an HT in a pocket and
using it in the hand.

And all without having to dis-install the entire D710 radio from
the car... Since all the APRS features are only in the Display

>> F) This TNC/Display head can be used like 
>> any other TNC for any packet application...
>> but not only for 1200 but also 9600 baud with
>> any radio.
> This would be interesting if it were available 
> for a reasonable price...

I donno.  As far as I am concerned, it is free with the radio.
If it has the feature, and you have the radio, then it is a free
>> G) The D710 outputs the full APRS symbol set 
>> out the GPS port...

> What you really mean is that it puts out a custom 
> waypoint symbol that only one rather expensive
> GPS unit will understand, right?  If it doesn't 
> work with my MAP60C, that's a pretty limited feature.

Your thought process is amazing.  Does your MAP60C support the
full APRS symbol set?  If not, then it is not the fault of the
radio.  It is the fault of the GPS.  Comeon, if there was a GPS
out there ANYWHERE that supported the full APRS symbol set I
GUARANTEE that kenwood would output a protocol to it.

>> H) The D710 Display head can be a WX station.
> $600 for a D710 weather station, or about $150 
> for an Opentracker and any old radio weather 
> station.  Next!

Hummh, its FREE.  We are talking about what you can do with the
radio.  If you don't have the radio, then you cant do anything
with it.

> Did they fix the item display bug?

Why? The ITEM format is depricated in the APRS spec...

> Did they add some RAM to make it useful 
> for higher bandwidth packet applications?

They more than doubled the station list.

> I am a little disappointed that there weren't 
> many real improvements, especially after the 
> years that separated the D700 and
> D710 releases.

Interesting.  I consider these (plus all the other ones that
have been listed) to be significant improvements....

> I do object to noting every _change_ in the 
> radio and calling it an _improvement_.  

I don't see any that I listed that are not an improvement.

> Let's be honest in our assessment of the device, 
> and not just be unthinking Kenwood cheerleaders 
> because they're making the only ARPS radio.

Amazing that you call us unthinking, when you were quite
missinformed about the new capabilities and improvements...


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