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[aprssig] Dayton fleamarket spaces?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat May 10 02:36:05 UTC 2008

All I can say is - GOOD LUCK.  I paid over $1700 for inside booth 
spaces, and it took at least half a dozen emails and faxes to get them 
to even confirm that they'd received the order.  I never have been able 
to get them to confirm the names on the badges, and they always screw 
that up.  And once they do screw something up, you're out of luck 
because there's apparently only one person with any authority to fix 
ANYTHING and they're so busy dealing with everyone else's problems that 
you'll never find them.  That's assuming it's not a problem where the 
Hara people blame the Hamvention people and vice versa.

The Hara people, at least, only took a single fax to process my rental 
order, and they called back within 24 hours to confirm.

If you need confirmation, just keep on them.  Email every day (often the 
mailbox is full), fax frequently (if it's answering), and keep calling, 
and maybe you'll get someone.


Robert Bruninga wrote:
> I paid for a fleamarket space on line and got an email receipt.
> But when do they tell me what space I got?  Or do I have to get
> out of the car, go to the ticket place on arrival and pick
> something up?
> Bob
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