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[aprssig] Overlooked TM-D710 Features

K7FTP k7ftp at commtechreview.net
Sat May 10 02:59:30 UTC 2008


My original question related to the TH-D7AG.  Do you know anything about 
Kenwoods intentions with that radio?  They are in short supply, and our 
local ham shop basically said they are getting out of the game.

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>>> It changed the serial connector to a data DIN.
>> I'm not sure what planet or hallucinogenic
>> pharmaceuticals one would have to be on to
>> consider this an _improvement_.
> Seems great to me.  Its smaller, easier to plug in in the blind,
> and the connector is a thin right-angle one, so it only
> protrudes about 1/2 inch behind the unit.  Seems like an
> improvement to me...
>>> E) The display head can be detached and used
>>> stand-alone with ANY radio, scanner,
>> To me, that's more feature creep than actual
>> improvement.  I'm gonna buy a $600 radio, and
>> not use the radio part of it?  I don't think
>> so...
> I use it much more creatively than that.  At work for example, I
> can carrry the Display head inside in my pocket and connect it
> to the earphone jack on *ANY* old HT sitting around and continue
> to monitor APRS using the D710 at my desk..  Very handy and
> portable complete APRS system...  Very nice for demos.  Very
> nice for special events when carrying an HT in a pocket and
> using it in the hand.
> And all without having to dis-install the entire D710 radio from
> the car... Since all the APRS features are only in the Display
> head.
>>> F) This TNC/Display head can be used like
>>> any other TNC for any packet application...
>>> but not only for 1200 but also 9600 baud with
>>> any radio.
>> This would be interesting if it were available
>> for a reasonable price...
> I donno.  As far as I am concerned, it is free with the radio.
> If it has the feature, and you have the radio, then it is a free
> feature...
>>> G) The D710 outputs the full APRS symbol set
>>> out the GPS port...
>> What you really mean is that it puts out a custom
>> waypoint symbol that only one rather expensive
>> GPS unit will understand, right?  If it doesn't
>> work with my MAP60C, that's a pretty limited feature.
> Your thought process is amazing.  Does your MAP60C support the
> full APRS symbol set?  If not, then it is not the fault of the
> radio.  It is the fault of the GPS.  Comeon, if there was a GPS
> out there ANYWHERE that supported the full APRS symbol set I
> GUARANTEE that kenwood would output a protocol to it.
>>> H) The D710 Display head can be a WX station.
>> $600 for a D710 weather station, or about $150
>> for an Opentracker and any old radio weather
>> station.  Next!
> Hummh, its FREE.  We are talking about what you can do with the
> radio.  If you don't have the radio, then you cant do anything
> with it.
>> Did they fix the item display bug?
> Why? The ITEM format is depricated in the APRS spec...
>> Did they add some RAM to make it useful
>> for higher bandwidth packet applications?
> They more than doubled the station list.
>> I am a little disappointed that there weren't
>> many real improvements, especially after the
>> years that separated the D700 and
>> D710 releases.
> Interesting.  I consider these (plus all the other ones that
> have been listed) to be significant improvements....
>> I do object to noting every _change_ in the
>> radio and calling it an _improvement_.
> I don't see any that I listed that are not an improvement.
>> Let's be honest in our assessment of the device,
>> and not just be unthinking Kenwood cheerleaders
>> because they're making the only ARPS radio.
> Amazing that you call us unthinking, when you were quite
> missinformed about the new capabilities and improvements...
> Bob, WB4APR
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