[aprssig] Overlooked TM-D710 Features

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
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Kenwood has had several firmware updates since the radio has been out. Maybe
Kenwood has ANOTHER one coming up for Dayton that would be interesting to

I just hope that this thread is over and we can move on. Over the many years
that I have been on the list I just see it getting more and more un-civil as
time goes on. What ever happened to manners and courtesy within amateur
radio ? 75M was the start of it and now I see it more and more on just
regular mailing lists. And people wonder why we can't attract or keep hams
withi the ranks and why the bands are sounding more like CB than anything

People talk a lot on lists and give a lot of others a lot of "fill in the
blank". Would you do the same in person at the local hamfest or let's say
Dayton? If you don't think it's appropriate to say face to face do not hide
behind a keyboard and say it. I know if anyone treated me in some of the
ways I have seen others treated here and I FOUND them at a hamfest(ie: hunt
them down) they would be talking to my five fingers!

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Now, you mention that Kenwood will have a TM-D710 firmware update
available at Dayton. Since you have inside information about
Kenwood's D710 firmware development, I'll accept that you may know
more about it's features, current and future, than the rest of us. I
guess we will find out next week if Kenwood has truly implemented
SmartBeaconing(tm) in the TM-D710.


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