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[aprssig] Voice Repeater ==> APRS Interface

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat May 10 14:25:42 UTC 2008

>> We use the XXXX controller in our repeaters. 
>> And have APRS digis  and in some cases Igates 
>> at the repeater sites.

Wow, that would be neat.  Just a 2 wire serial port connection from the repeater controller over to the serial port on the TNC.  Controller hears DTMF burst, converts to packet format, sends to DIGI TNC serial port which sends it out as a UI packet.

I have heard from 2 MFR's so far, and one was positive, and one seemed not interested.  Have not heard from XXXX yet... 

But thanks for the describing your sites...  In the above scenario, then I guess we will convert the DTMF user to an object, since it will be sent out under the digi's existing MYCALL.  I'll go back and revise my docs to suggest the OBJECT format.  This makes it more universally applicable... to ANY tnc...

If all clients had properly implementd vicinity plotting, then
we could send these DTMF users as vicinity plots.  That way, anyone could select and MOVE their APRStt symbol over to their present map view and place this object in an unobtrusive corner of their map view and then those incoming DTMF usrs vicinity plots would all be gathered around that new personal location of the APRStt symbol.  Thus allowing the viewer to choose where on the map he wanted these things displayed.

But since very few clients implemented vicinity plots, we cannot anticipate this kind of display.  So we are stuck with making them objects.

But creative clients (and maybe an add-on for UIview) could easily implement a small window that would simply LIST all the DTMF users heard on each such APRStt frequency...

Bob, Wb4APR

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