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Michael Carey michaelcarey at internode.on.net
Sat May 10 21:39:36 CDT 2008

Hi Vic,
NetAPRS from Darryl Smith VK2TDS of Radioactive Networks :-
runs between OziExplorer and UI-View and creates OziExplorer waypoints 
from ARPS info on UIView. I believe it is still a work in progress with 
Darryl creating a new sleeker version (I think, I hope). This is 
something I would pay money for. The current version works but uses .NET 
framework and is a little processor heavy and it has a few issues, bugs 
and non working features.
I too like the mapping that OziExplorer provides and I need a reliable, 
flexible interface to the APRS network.
I don't know of anything else in the wind that does this with OziExplorer.

Vic Fraenckel wrote:
> Is there any viable aprs software that uses oziexplorer for moving 
> map. I would like to track manned balloons on U.S. Sectional charts. 
> Would UI-View be a better product for this?
> Any enlightenment will be appreciated.
> Vic
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