[aprssig] New GPS Satellite GIOVE-B Transmitting its First Signals

Bob Poortinga aprssig.10.bobp at xoxy.net
Tue May 13 12:44:33 CDT 2008

"Following a successful launch on 27 April, GIOVE-B has begun
transmitting navigation signal on 7 May. This is a historic step for
satellite navigation since GIOVE-B is now, for the first time,
transmitting the GPS-Galileo common signal using a specific optimised
waveform, MBOC (multiplexed binary offset carrier), in accordance with
the agreement drawn up in July 2007 by the EU and the US for their
respective systems, Galileo and the future GPS III."

More at <http://www.gim-international.com./news/id3042-GIOVEB_Transmitting_its_First_Signals.html>

Bob Poortinga K9SQL
Bloomington, IN US

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