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Ron Tonneson ron.tonneson at gmail.com
Tue May 13 12:27:49 CDT 2008

I solved the lack of a beacon when you stop with a pushbutton switch, of course it is not automatic.  I mounted a small 
normally open pushbutton switch in the housing of the radio cable.  It is connected to PTT IN (pin 8) and ground. 
whenever I want a beacon I just push the button.  This of course will not work if you are using the PTT IN for its 
normal function.

Ron - K0QVF

Wes Johnston, AI4PX wrote:
> One of my annoyances of the smart beaconing is that it does not beacon 
> when you stop moving.
> Smart beaconing on the TX side of things and dead reconing on the RX 
> side of things are both GREAT.  As long as smart beaconing sends a 
> position periodically and when a change in direction or significant 
> change in speed happens.  The emphasis in smartbeaconing seems to be 
> only on turning, not on delta velocity.
> Smart beaconing seems to always TX once I start moving, but what happens 
> when I'm scheduled to beacon in a mile, but stop moving (ie break down 
> on side of road)?  My tracker will wait 10 minutes to beacon at which 
> time the dead reconed position will have me 10 miles down the road 
> (assuming last beacon sent was at 60mph). 
> I've mentioned this here before... it would be nice if the smart beacon 
> included one squawk at the point that you cross below slow speed 
> threshold.  That way the home audience wouldn't have to wait 10 minutes 
> to figure out that I've stopped on the side of the road.
> In fairness, under normal driving conditions, you drive into a parking 
> lot and turn sharply into a parking space triggering a beacon.... or you 
> parallel park by backing up causing a beacon.
> So far I've tackled this problem with the open trak by making it change 
> to profile 2 and beacon when velocity <1mph or GPS fix is lost.  It 
> switches back to profile 1 when velocity >5mph and GPS fix is valid.  
> This hysteresis allows me to inch up at a stop light w/o QRM'ing.
> Ohh and one more note... We once put trackers on city busses used in an 
> evacuation drill.  I used smart beaconing for them.  I had set the low 
> speed threshold to something around 5mph.  Well the busses pulled into 
> the staging area off the main street an beaconed.  This put them on the 
> map way in the back of the parking lot.  As we loaded them, the busses 
> in the rear crept forward very slowly, never exceeding 5mph, so on the 
> map they looked like they were still all out at the main road.  Waiting 
> 10 minutes for them to beacon seemed like an eternity when trying to 
> explain to the officials why the bus was being loaded but still looked 
> like it was deep in the parking lot.  Lesson learned here was to set the 
> low speed setting to 1 or 2mph.  I had been in the habit of using 5mph 
> from having used GPS when SA was on and the GPS would drift in a good 
> sized area, often reading a few mph erroneously.  Today, you can trust 
> the velocity averaging to stay at zero.
> Wes
> On 5/13/08, *Bob Burns W9RXR* <w9rxr_ at rlburns.net 
> <mailto:w9rxr_ at rlburns.net>> wrote:
>     At 07:51 AM 5/13/2008, Matt Murphy wrote:
>         I have set it up with "Wide2-1" (too many? not enough?) and
>         turned on smart beaconing.
>     Bruce gave you some good advice regarding the CornerPegging feature
>     of SmartBeaconing.
>     According to the TT3 manual, you can configure both the Minimum Turn
>     Angle and the Minimum Turn Time. The angle is the minimum change in
>     direction required to trigger a beacon. As Bruce states, you don't
>     want that to be too small, probably no less than 15 degrees.
>     The time is the minimum time between beacons generated by the change
>     in direction. Let's say you are driving around in circles (looking
>     for a parking spot at Dayton, no doubt <g>). If your Minimum Turn
>     Angle is set to 15 degrees, you will send out 24 beacons by the time
>     you make a complete circle. But the CornerPegging routine also looks
>     at the Minimum Turn Time to decide whether or not it's too soon to
>     send out another beacon. If you set that parameter to, let's say 30
>     seconds and it takes you 2 minutes to complete the circle, you will
>     only send something like 4 beacons rather than 24.
>     Bob...
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