[aprssig] EasyRadio and the next generation of Packet radio

Andrew Rich vk4tec at people.net.au
Tue May 13 15:51:55 CDT 2008

I would like to get names and callsigns in support of a proposal to put forward to the people that make easy radio.

For AUS$65 and AUS$90 you can get 19k2 data at 30 watts.

The only issue is, that at the moment they make these smart tranmistters on LIPD. (not really a proper ham freq)

I am attempting to get enough interest to get the manufacturer to meet us half way.

What do the easy modules do ?

1. 10mW 19k2 preamble bit swap, manchester encoding CRC 180 Byte payload 
2. I am sending APRS position reports in 45 ms 
3. I am sending APRS position reports once a second

I am heading for 

1. Simple but effective data burst style tracking
2. LCD either LAPTOP or GPS Display of position.

Open Source ?

The Easy Radio modules are a Transciver as well. they double as a receive station.

I am not to the stage of smart digis that roll call and learn yet, but am thinking about it.


Andrew Rich VK4TEC

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