[aprssig] Open GPS Tracker via SMS

Arno Verhoeven (PE1ICQ) pe1icq at sharon.esrac.ele.tue.nl
Wed May 14 08:24:04 CDT 2008

William McKeehan wrote the following on 2008-05-14 14:45:
> Here's a web site that describes how to make a GPS tracking device using a GPS
> Module, a custom board/processor/firmware and a specific cellular phone.
> <a href="http://www.opengpstracker.org/howitworks.html">Open GPS Tracker: How
> it works</a>
> The tracker firmware interfaces with the phone and sends the location using SMS.
> Sounds like it would be easy to be modified to send APRS positions to the
> APRS-IS. The only question that I have is what other phones this may work
> with.
> Has anyone else looked into it?

I don't remember the link, but I seem to remember earlier mails to the 
APRSSIG list about a small Java appl. for mobile phones that could take 
NMEA data from a Bluetooth GPS and send it to the APRS-IS via a mobile 
data connection (GPRS, UMTS).

Does anybody recognize this, and remember the link to this appl.?

73, PE1ICQ
Arno Verhoeven

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