[aprssig] APRS posits at Dayton

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed May 14 09:52:35 CDT 2008

Remember, you don't need GPS for APRS unless you are lost and
cannot read a map.

Back in the early days, we even got the Hamvention folks to add
LAT/LONG grid marks on the edges of their brochure maps!  Back
then, you just looked at the map, and entered your coordinates,
and could find anyone easily.

Indoors, the maps work and GPS doesn't.  Even at 60 foot
resolution, there are 75 discrete locations inside.  In the flea
market, there ar 650 sets of coordinates to help you find

Make it easy to find you.  If you are in a booth or flea market
space, Beacon your posit (simplex direct) even if indoors.  Zoom
in on Google and write down the coordinates for your space
before you go.   Be sure to enter your SPACE number in your
position text too to nail it precisely.

Mine is something like 3949.29N/08415.29W Flea-2653 (though I am
not selling anything)...

To find someone indoors, enter your manual position into your
D7, then your radio will tell you which direction and how far
away they are!


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