[aprssig] Yaesu VX-8R

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Wed May 14 12:02:50 CDT 2008

Keith VE7GDH wrote:

  At 2.36 x 3.74 x 0.92 inches it is  smaller than a VX-7R.

For me that's a bug, not a feature. The VX-7R is too small to be useable 
for me or to even be comfortable in my hands.   For me the IC-W-32/Z-1A 
is about as small as I want an HT to be unless it's a cheap almost 
disposable back up unit.

I know a lot of folks like the trend to micro units, but I wish the 
manufacturers would also make models for those of us that want readible 
and useable key pads and controls.  Even if they just took the guts of a 
small radio and put them in bigger shells.

Just think what they could do with the extra room.  Built in GPS? 
Extended capacity batteries?  Increased shock absorbant "armor" to 
further ruggedize them?

The bluetooth capability is interesting with the supply of serial port 
enabled GPS units suitable to wire into stand alone radio units getting 
smaller and smaller.

Randy Allen, KAƘAZS

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