[aprssig] Proper TT3 Setup

Matt Murphy web8ck at yahoo.com
Wed May 14 16:40:48 CDT 2008

Thanks for the info.  I will do that.  I did run into a snag.  My tracker died!  I talked with Byon and he is hooking me up Friday morning.  I should have it up before departing Hara!

Stop by and see us/me at the Scouting booth #631.

Matthew, kc8bew

Please consider putting it into the new APRS frequency
That is:
"146.52 MHz listening..."

By putting the freqeuncy as a FIXED field as the first 10 bytes
of your position comment in the format "FFF.FFFMHz", then your
frequency can be parsed.  For example, the new Kenwoods have a
TUNE button for one-button tuning to these frequenceis.

Please see the web page on FREQUENCY:

Also please see the Tracker Manifesto:

You are doing the right thing by lublishing in your tracker, the
fequency that you are monitoring so that you can be contacted at
any time.  Afterall, the tracker is connected to a two-way
radio, you may as well be listening for calls on its receiver...

Bob, WB4APR"

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