[aprssig] Dayton Reports?

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Fri May 16 17:20:04 CDT 2008

Did not have a chance to talk to Kenwood about HT's.  They were doing 
firmware upgrades to the D710 on site, and had a sign announcing the new 
features including specifically SmartBeacon with acknowledgment to HamHud.

The Yaesu guy said they had literally handed him the demo radio this 
morning, no specs, no data sheet, no manual, please don't touch any 
buttons.  It is supposed to be "equivalent to the Kenwood handheld in 
features" is the only direct quote I heard regarding APRS.

I did see Bob, WB4APR's Prius with the solar panels out in the 
Fleamarket.  Pretty neat.  He wasn't there at the time so I didn't get a 
chance to say hello.

I did get a chance to meet Jason, KE4NYV and Sheanna (Spelling? Can't 
remember her call) of RPC Electronics and take a look at the RTraks. 
Neat device. Good folks to talk to.  Finally got around to getting  a 
cable from them to interface my Garmin to D7, works like a charm (KA0AZS-8).


K7FTP wrote:

> Anyone have anything to report to the group from Hamvention?
> I'm especially interested in anything relating to Kenwood HT's, but 
> would love to hear more about the new rig from Yaesu or anything else 
> APRS related.


Randy Allen, KAƘAZS

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