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[aprssig] Dayton Reports?

John B. Leonard, Jr. w9jbl at comcast.net
Fri May 16 22:32:30 UTC 2008


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From: "Randy Allen" <ka0azs at earthlink.net>
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Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 5:20 PM
Subject: Re: [aprssig] Dayton Reports?

> Did not have a chance to talk to Kenwood about HT's.  They were doing 
> firmware upgrades to the D710 on site, and had a sign announcing the new 
> features including specifically SmartBeacon with acknowledgment to HamHud.

but we heard this the other day:

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From: "Steve Bragg" <steve at hamhud.net>
To: "TAPR APRS Mailing List" <aprssig at lists.tapr.org>
Sent: Saturday, May 10, 2008 11:37 AM
Subject: [aprssig] Re: Kenwood Status - Thinking about TH-D7AG purchase

> Everyone please listen.
> I beg to differ with Mr. Bruninga.  Kenwood TM-D710 DOES NOT (I REPEAT) 
> DOES NOT sell SmartBeaconing(tm) in the D710.
> HamHUD Nichetronix, LLC (my company) OWNS SmartBeaconing(tm), and I alone 
> license it.  It is the most popular mobile tracker position beaconing 
> algorithm to implementers, but so far, no large ham radio manufacturer has 
> it in their radios.   And by the way, the algorithm is not, contrary to 
> popular opinion, owned by the makers of either TinyTrak or OpenTracker. 
> It began with HamHUd II, which is still the reference standard 
> implementation  for SmartBeaconing(tm).
> Kenwood is NOT currently producing or selling ANY products that include 
> SmartBeaconing(tm).  If and when they do, you will see the announcement 
> FIRST on the HamHUD website, www.hamhud.net.
> 73,
> Steve Bragg KA9MVA

I'm confused.


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