[aprssig] RE: Not Receiving Messages from APRS-IS (Pete Loveall AE5PL Lists)

Jeff Kunce jjkunce at gmail.com
Mon May 19 23:00:41 CDT 2008

Thanks Pete and Keith for all your explanations.  I'm starting to get
a handle on it.

I talked to a couple of nearby IGATE operators - they both control
their internet-to-rf messages by a "white list" of calls allowed to
receive messages from the internet.  Both offered to add me to their
list, and both are of the notion that "that is the way it should be
set up."  But both were open to other suggestions from the experts on
the TAPR list.

Also, I am apparently two hops from any IGATE in most conditions,
which may make it harder to receive messages in any case.

So, APRS messaging looks like fun, and is good for local/regional
rf-only traffic. But, it looks like IGATEd messaging is unreliable
unless a given location is thoroughly tested in advance to make sure
that the IGATES are "friendly".

Thanks to those who sent me test messages:
  KB4YTM-2  - received 1 message
  KD4MOJ-3 - received 1st message but not the 2nd
  VE7GDH-10 - message no received

  --Jeff, n0juh

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