[aprssig] A wish for the next TM-D710A firmware update

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Tue May 20 12:27:48 CDT 2008

  What you ay all makes sense ... BUT ... it takes no account for the  
fact that in many of  the places that you can travel at sustained  
rates over 60 mph the coverage is often kind of spotty with maybe only  
one of three posits ever getting printed to APRS-IS.

On May 20, 2008, at 9:35 AM, Rory Burke wrote:

> If you'll go back and read my post again, and then think about  
> DISTANCE based beaconing rather than time based beaconing, you might  
> see that the High Speed needs to be a speed that you would not  
> normally ever reach.  Once you reach the High Speed, SmartBeaconing  
> reverts to time based beaconing.  If your goal is to know that  
> you'll send a beacon every X miles while moving, no matter how fast  
> or slow you're driving, then you need to be able to set the High  
> Speed higher than the speed limit.  Using 90 mph makes for some easy  
> in-the-head calculations about how to set the beacon rate based on  
> the distance between beacons you desire.  The Fast Rate needs to be  
> higher as well.  With a limit of 180 seconds, you're limited to  
> 4-1/2 miles between beacons.  On a long interstate trip that's  
> probably too close together.  Changing that parameter limit to 400  
> seconds would allow you to beacon every 8 miles.  That's assuming  
> that you're using 90 mph as the High Speed.

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