VX-8R Symbol/SSID (Was Re: [aprssig] Yaesu VX-8R)

Randy Allen ka0azs at earthlink.net
Tue May 20 12:55:03 CDT 2008

Iain Young, G7III wrote:

> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>  But blue-tooth GPS will
>> eliminate the biggest hassle of carrying an APRS HT by
>> eliminating any wires...  Bob, WB4APR

> I must admit, I agree, it looks a very interesting rig, and I hope
> it's at least the equal of the D7A. Remains to be seen though of
> course, and how the GPS unit connects is going to be key for me.
I got a chance to speak to the Yaesu rep on Saturday at Hamvention.  He 
stated the blue tooth support is for the ear piece only, no GPS support. 
  I did pass on to him that blue tooth GPS support would be popular.

Randy Allen, KAƘAZS

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