VX-8R Symbol/SSID (Was Re: [aprssig] Yaesu VX-8R)

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue May 20 16:06:40 CDT 2008

But... but... it's DIGITAL, doesn't that automatically make it better?  =]

Certainly the AMBE codec is going to cost them a bit, whether it's 
licensing for the technology or the actual ASICs.  That shouldn't be 
more than $20 or $30 - certainly one of the more expensive parts of the 
radio, but I don't think it's enough to account for the price increase.

Repeater linking is the big advantage I've heard.  Of course, you can 
make your backbone digital without having to make the user-access side 
digital as well.  Anyone doing that?  With RF backbones, I mean, not 
IRLP.  Getting a reliable 9600 baud link between fixed sites isn't that 
hard, and you can get good performance without needing exotic codecs.  I 
really don't care for the way AMBE makes everyone sound just a bit robotic.


Amateur Radio WB8NUT wrote:
> As I understand it, the reason all that D-Star stuff is so expensive is 
> because they (Icom or whoever) has to pay a royalty for the technology. 
> It is not open source stuff as I once thought. This is probably why Icom 
> is the only one pushing it right now. Frankly, digital is nice, but 
> D-Star is not open, does not support native APRS, and is too expensive. 
> With the low usage of FM repeaters, what is the benefit of D-Star right 
> now with the low usage of the VHF and UHF bands? Sorry to get off topic 
> a bit.
> Duffy
> www.wb8nut.com
> K7FTP wrote:
>>> The GPS will be in the external mic that connects to the Yaesu.
>> That is nice, but we looked into the Icom DSTAR HT with the same type 
>> of setup, and you are into it for about $1K after the HT and the 
>> GPS/spkrmic. I wonder what the combo will cost for the Yaesu?  Nice 
>> for cable and storage, but $$$$$.$$
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