[aprssig] Proportional Pathing

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 20 20:35:34 CDT 2008

> The [smart beaconing] Fast Rate needs to be  
> higher as well.  With a limit of 180 seconds, 
> you're limited to 4-1/2 miles between beacons.
> On a long interstate trip that's probably too 
> close together.  Changing... to 400 seconds 
> would allow you to beacon every 8 miles.  

No wonder I never hear anyone on Voice ALert.  With a combined meeting speed of 120 MPH, that is a possible distance of almost 16 miles between beacons of two hams going opposite directions, far beyond simplex range.

That is why I like Proportional pathing.  It still gives me a local simplex beacon once a minute to have a good chance of hearing or  being heard by a meeting interestate situation within a mile of each other, while still resulting in only 1 packet ever 4 minutes via WIDE2-2.

I think smart beaconing really shines when doing special events where you want a smooth track of the event.. 


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