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[aprssig] HAMFEST objects

kc7zru kc7zru at kc7zru.net
Wed May 21 03:20:37 UTC 2008

A hard thought out rational? Nope.

Just was in the 'habit' of trying to save packet space I guess.

When I get into the office tomorrow, I'll see about adding a dash.

Are the KW rigs that hard to decipher? Looks fine on my old HamHUD-II 
<g> ::poke, poke::


Bob Bruninga wrote:
>> Either I'm doing something wrong...
>> or we are the only 'next' hamfest on the maps.
>> Using the call: HFEST24a (no dash), and searching 
>> findu using http://map.findu.com/hfest* only one 
>> I see is ours.  What'd I miss?
> Looks like you are first.  Is there a reason you didn't want to make it more readable with the dash?
> Bob
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