Tactical Value? [was: VX-8R Symbol/SSID (Was Re: [aprssig] YaesuVX-8R)]

Amateur Radio WB8NUT duffy at wb8nut.com
Wed May 21 08:26:37 CDT 2008

That makes perfect sense! Since Kenwood has been the only APRS radio out 
there for years, we probably all forgot why Kenwood had a symbol. Now 
that you mentioned it, that makes perfect sense as to why you might want 
to identify the radio.


kc9umr at freqradio.com wrote:
> Could the value be that *SOME* radios have full featured messaging, 
> etc. whereas other radios DO NOT.... 
> i.e. if i tell you i have a Kenwood, you know (presumeably) that i can 
> send and receive messages, etc., but if i have an Icom I cannot?  This 
> would make the specific radio a worthwhile note, but would it be 
> better to have a special icon for D700's, D710's, VX8's etc. that have 
> these capabilities vs. radios that do not? 
> If i hook a TinyTrak to my V7A, i can run APRS... but that doesn't 
> mean I can send or receive text messages....

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