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Tactical Value? [was: VX-8R Symbol/SSID (Was Re: [aprssig] YaesuVX-8R)]

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Thu May 22 06:48:39 UTC 2008

>Capabilities need to be described explicitly.  I understand the 
>historical reasons for the Kenwood symbol, but we really need to be 
>moving away from vendor symbols.

I agree with Scott. However, let's be fair. There are over 5000 Ui-View 
users both fixed and mobile. I'd be a strong advocate for a symbol 
dedicated to them because they make up the largest percentage of loyal 
APRS users globally. The vendor has nothing to gain in that case. 

Actually, come to think about it... Ui-View users have a special way to
identify each other among themselves without a symbol. Sorry I lost my
head. The program highlights Ui-View users. Sorta puts them in a class
like Kenwood without spending the money, or justifying the loss of a
paycheck or your Economic Stimulus Payment.

Ok, why not just do dollar signs as symbols. '$' for cheap radios and '$$'
for better ones... from the look of things the new Kenwood deserves '$$$'.
A modified Bank symbol, hardly used these days by retired hams.

I've got it... a 'mine is better than yours symbol'. REALLY! 

No disrespect to Kenwood or the people that use or sell their products. 

Dick, KB7ZVA
APRSWest - Unaffiliated sponsor of APRS, Inc. <g>


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