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[aprssig] Symbols/Symbology in APRS [was: Tactical value...]

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Thu May 22 10:09:55 UTC 2008

I've reached a clear understanding of APRS symbology. 
It came from a culmination of several e-mail replies
to my initial inquiry.  In summary...

Just like a "buddy" showing up on your "Buddy is
Online" list...the APRS symbol set and strategy is
designed to convey only one thing: PRESENCE of an
asset or an object.  NOTHING more is conveyed with any
level of assurance.  Yes, there are attempts to use
overlay symbols or specific symbols for specific
things; there is NOTHING to keeping anyone from using
the wrong symbol or overlay (except for

Just as IM users may choose an avatar, APRS users have
the ability to choose a symbol.

The APRS community applies the same self-governance
that the Amateur radio community generally applies, to
resist the mayhem that would ensue should everyone
decide to change their symbol to a Digi.  For that, we
are to be commended.

In wrap up (and totally off topic):
Do you realize the significance of APRS?  It was the
ORIGINAL social network!  Don't tell me that Amateur
radio stopped advancing the state of the art in the
technological and social arenas when our parents
passed away. :)

Kind regards,
Ev, W2EV


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