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[aprssig] Re: Tactical Value? [was: VX-8R Symbol/SSID

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 22 20:25:14 UTC 2008

> I ask why stop at the 4 or 5 Big manufacturers 
> there are dozens out there that have a radio 
> which is doing APRS in 1 form or another .
> Tait, MFJ, Philips, AWA, Maxom, Zares, etc

I am not familiar with APRS in those radios.  The only radios I
know of that have embedded APRS in them are the D7, D700, and
D710.  The Alinco DJ-135 could be a tracker, and that is why I
said 1.1 Manufacturers have embedded APRS in their products.
Though with the OT add-in module, I would upgrade that to much
better than 1.1.

> What will be next we have mobile symbols next we 
> will want a Model Overlay for Chevy, Toyota, Honda, 
> Ford, Mazda etc

You can do that today.  APRS was designed with plenty of
flexibility to do overlays for anything the users wanted to do
with them.  If one wants to use the F overlay on a car for a
FORD, they are entirely welcome to do that.  If they want to
load a graphic into their software so that the AUTO with an F
overlay displays as a FORD trademark, they are welcome to do
that too..

> From what I have read we are tied to the current 
> APRS spec because of the limitations with the 
> 5000 odd Kenwood radios out there because they 
> are not upgradable.

Hummh, and so Kenwood has responded by giving us the D710 which
is.  And a whole lot of new features that vastly improve the
mobile/travelers experience.  Now it looks like Yeasu is also
responding.  To me the glass looks more than half full and is
filling up slowly but surely.

> Lets not force other manufactures to go the same route...

No one is forcing them to do anything.  We are inviting them to
come join the fun.  The goal of APRS is to provide a channel and
a display system to the ham radio mobile operator so that he can
see anything and everything going on around him in ham radio.
We are a dwindling number.  It is nice to see what our fellow
hams are doing around us in the vicinity and sharing our ham
radio experience.

Who knows.  Maybe we might see somone doing something
interesting and different in ham radio..  But just watching
someone drive around was never the goal of APRS.


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