[aprssig] APRS radios

Arnie Shore 3ashore at Comcast.net
Mon May 26 06:19:08 CDT 2008

Kind of a programmer type lurking here, so feel free to shout me down if 
this makes no real sense, but noting the cheapo multi-multi-megabyte 
USB-connected dongles, mebbe this is a viable base for an APRS processor 
in some more suitable language.

Arnie Shore

Pentti Gronlund wrote:
> Bob Bruninga  writes:
>> Strict specs?  Since no one has implemented all of the protocol since the oriiginal APRSdos written in BASIC no less, it doesn't seem that one can call them strict....
>>> Maybe the other companies thought that the APRS 
>>> radios were just too complicated to manufacture? 
> I'm not a programmer either, but based on the comments from the 
> ones that are, this might be the reason. There simply hasn't been 
> enough cheap embedded processing power until now. Good, maybe Icom 
> will come with APRS/D-STAR radios one day, too. And maybe also
> some new companies besides the Big Three. ... 

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