[aprssig] REF: HF Net? How About 20M ?

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I had never heard of that one. I remember all the questions as to the
frequency depending on if it was FSK or AFSK. Even though it was on the edge
of the band we were LSB well inside of the band unless someone did not tune
correctly, ran blindly on USB by mistake, or had a frequency problem.

Either way we ran on 30M for years with no trouble but as Jim stated with
the advent of the I Gates and mobile Internet for areas with little or no
VHF activity those HF rigs found other uses.

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At least one station that I am aware of was cited by FCC for operating
on 10.149 a few years back. FCC didn't fine, but a letter was sent to
the licensee. When I got back on HF in December one of the first things
I did was to take a listen to 10.149 during the day and never heard

I believe that the reason the HF gateways have faded away (above and
beyond the low solar activity!) is that everyone is within reach of an
I-Gate and the need of operating on 30m for cross-country use isn't
necessary except in some less-populated areas out west.

73 de Jim, KU0G

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