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[aprssig] D700/D710 to Garmin adapter

Ben Lindner vk5jfk at activ8.net.au
Mon May 26 07:20:21 UTC 2008

will it work with the Garmin Street Pilot 2610 or does it have to be 
serial GPS

Ben Lindner

Scott Miller wrote:
> Just wanted to give a quick update on a project I mentioned at Dayton. 
> I've built a protocol translator (largely based on code from the T2) 
> that converts Garmin asynchronous binary protocol (including FMI data 
> from the newer nuvi and StreetPilot units) to NMEA (GPGGA, GPRMC, and 
> GPGLL), and also functions in reverse to create waypoints from GPWPL 
> and PKWDWPL (D710) sentences.
> For the D710, it does symbol translation (picking the closest 
> available Garmin native symbol), and includes the course/speed and 
> altitude data in the comment details.  Waypoint display works on just 
> about any of the serial interface units (chartplotters, GPSmap 
> handhelds, serial eTrex, etc), but so far of the nuvi/StreetPilot 
> series, only the nuvi 350 works right.  The rest will output position 
> data, but not display waypoints.
> Anyway, the point is that there'll be an alternative to the $700 AvMap 
> displays.  Hopefully Garmin will come through with some fixes for the 
> other models soon.
> For what it's worth, I've also added experimental support for the 
> AvMap to the Tracker2.  There doesn't seem to be much interest when it 
> works natively with the Garmins, though.
> Next up, I get to squeeze this whole thing into a little tiny 
> connector shell.  Looks like I'll get to try my hand at soldering 7mm 
> QFN48's...
> Scott
> N1VG
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