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Dave Baxter Dave at emv.co.uk
Mon May 26 09:49:38 CDT 2008

Oh yes, It's a pity (copyright/licencing costs I expect) we can't have the predictive text on things like D7's etc, like 99.9% of all modern mobile phones have.   That's the single biggest "Turn Off" to a youngster these days regarding Ham Radio, and APRS in particular.  When they can already do much of what we can, with no need to train for a licence.  And the throughput is faster and more reliable.  Well, here in the UK at least.
See www.t9.com for details.   Even I can use it, it's fast, easy, and with rudimentary spell checking too.  (On later phones at least)
Dave G0WBX.
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Of course the other features like messaging would be nice to use,
but most of the mobile equipment isn't yet up to it. And the ones
that are, have an user interface dated back to the birth of short-
message services in the GSM mobile telephone network in early 90's.

Benjamin OH3BK

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