[aprssig] APRS needs...

Tom Hayward tom at tomh.us
Mon May 26 19:28:15 CDT 2008

> For a while, I was getting into hacking the ZipIt IM
> device.
> http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT8107883197.html
> Decent sized graphic PCD, QWERTY keyboard, built-in
> Wifi and even has a serial port with the addon of an
> ST202 IC.  The really cool part...it runs on embedded
> linux.  However, I am too crummy of a programmer to do
> anything with it on my own.

Cool. If someone can pack a VHF or UHF 9k6+ data transceiver and a GPS
into this package, I'll write the software. I'm not sure if APRS is
worth implementing though. I could talk to Scott about an Opentrak
implementation. I'm working solo on an embedded linux project at work
so I'm getting very familiar with this type of programming.

In response to "build it and they will come": APRS is already
saturated in my area. 1200 baud is a no-go for any new device. The UHF
network at 9k6 seems to have plenty of growing room, but I wouldn't
want to encourage any growth on 144.390. I already can't get packets
out with portable trackers.


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