[aprssig] How About 40M APRS ?

Matthew Stennett wa4tkg at iwon.com
Mon May 26 21:42:30 CDT 2008

>From What I have Read:

It is my opinion we should try to Re-Kindle a 40M Frequency.

There is apparently too much garbage/QRM on 20M, according to 

our buddy across the Big Pond; fine, I'll agree with that.

I have had very little propagation lately (for a year or more)

to the point I have heard virtually NOTHING on 30M for APRS.

On the other hand, I almost ALWAYS hear KR4MA, PacketBelching back n forth with W9xxx? ("The LAST of the Mohicans" in 40M Packet) (forgot call) DAILY.

There is so little activity on the low end of 40M, I believe it would be the PERFECT place to set up shop.

Who could complain?; there's NO ONE ON THERE.

If we are getting NOWHERE w/the use of 30, doesn't it make sense to try an ALTERNATE, USABLE frequency, that actually has some decent Propagation?

"We Invite Contrasting Points of View".


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