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[aprssig] APRS on 40M

Matthew Stennett wa4tkg at iwon.com
Tue May 27 02:51:29 UTC 2008

Well; "It Seems to Us" (me) that 40M is the most USEFUL 

band for PRACTICAL APRS. 30M is DEAD all the time (or there is LITTLE activity/stations bothering to operate there), and 20 

I am told, is too "Busy". There is literally NOTHING on 40M 

on that end of the band, so I say, let's get on 40. 

How about 7.110MHz? We don't want to mess up the Node that has 

been on since I moved back here, which is on 7.105+/- KR4MA, along with some W9 Station. 

I say 5KHz above it; 7.110MHz.

MacRatt Matt; 

formerly: "The ONLY APRS station in Japan" (tm)


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