[aprssig] How About 40M APRS ?

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Mon May 26 22:08:52 CDT 2008

I have to agree with John about 30m useage.

I regularly see US stations on my 30m aprs port. What are you using for 
an antenna? I have just a dipole up 35ft.

As for 40m, I forward with two other BBS's on 40m with 0k3 packet, I 
have four regular users and some irregular users, but I've recommended 
Castor Oil :-)

We use 7035.8 (+/- TNC tone differences) USB

Ray vk2tv

John wrote:

> Matthew Stennett wrote:
>> I have had very little propagation lately (for a year or more)
>> to the point I have heard virtually NOTHING on 30M for APRS.
> Matthew,
> I hear traffic on 30m just fine. There are several stations on the air 
> on a regular basis. Are you listening on the correct frequency?
> John

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