[aprssig] APRS needs...

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 27 09:03:37 CDT 2008

> In response to "build it and they will come": 
> APRS is already saturated in my area. 1200 baud 
> is a no-go for any new device. 

There is plenty of room on the 1200 baud channel if it is
needed.  But the sysops have to plan for it by reducing the
coverage of the digis.  Its like the cell phone system.  You can
always increase capacity, simply by making the cells smaller.

If the local channel is saturated, then the sysops can either
reduce the digi hops to one (as we did in LA) or replace the
very wide area digis with more-but-lower digis.  Or other

I took that note above out of context but it is worthy to note
that APRS 1200 baud networks do need to be managed to keep the
network working optimally.  And the New-N paradigm gave the
sysops the tools to work with.

Our 144.39 went from wall-to wall QRM down to maybe  a few
packets evey 15 seconds or so, and yet we still see everything
we need to see in our local area...  But much more reliably...


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