[aprssig] I-80 Ohio/IN and D710 objects

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 27 09:59:55 CDT 2008

Lessons learned from a 1300 mile weekend round trip across PA,
OHIO and Indianna on I80 with the D710:

1) Too many digis are not New-N compliant.
2) Too many W-R-T and no beacon to show what they support
3) since they don't identify their "S" overlay or list Wn,SSn-N
4) Saw almost NO frequency objects in OH or IN.
5) Remember, EVERY digi should have a recommended FREQ object
for its footprint.
6) We do NOT want to see eqo-freqs coming in from 100+ miles

Operating the D710 was fun.  I was scanning all memory channels
the entire trip, just trying to find some activity.  But when
you are scanning, then your outgoing D710 beacon contains the
scan frequency at the instant of your posit which can be
confusing to others.

The FIX is to load up STATUS-4 with the text "[scanning] &
V-Alert".  This way, others will see that I am scanning (while
still listning on voice alert).  Whenever I am not scanning,
though, I drop back to STATUS-5 which then automoatically
inserts my operating frequency into my posit beacon.

To alert other drivers, I also loaded up PM #5 with the MYCALL
of POLICE-9.  This way, whenever I saw a police car, I could
simply hit the PM button to #5, beacon a few times and then go
back to PM1.  This would put that police object on the map.  You
can use any SSID for your police object to make it unique to
others if you want..  Oh, if you check FINDU, I now realize that
I forgot to set the POLICE symbol, but the letters POLICE should
have gotten everyone's attention...

Several others said they could see the objects.  By the way, I
was on cruise control at exactly 65, so I am not trying to skirt
the law.  Just provide safety info to other drivers.  There was
one bad wreck that had a slow down to a crawl.  There, I
momentarily changed the MYCALL name to WRECK and beaconed a few
times.  This object then contained my speed at 5 MPH and was
good info to other drivers as well.

While 400 miles from home, I saw another Maryland local nearby
in Toledo (N8PK)!  We used APRS and frequency functions to
repeater-hop all the way home.

So, lets get those old WIDE/RELAY digis updated, and lets get
ALL digis to output their travelers recommended frquency object
SIMPLEX in their coverage area.  And lets SQUASH and ELIMINATE
those ego-frequency objects that are going two hops and covering
areas where that frqeucny is not usable.

Info on http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/localinfo.html


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