[aprssig] I-80 Ohio/IN and D710 objects

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue May 27 12:11:52 CDT 2008

Joseph M. Durnal wrote:
> There are definitely some ego-frequency objects out there.  I first
> heard 443.650PA when I was over 200 miles away from it.  Looks like it
> was on a 3 hop path.  Others advertise repeaters that aren't really
> the best local repeater for contacts or assistance.
> I'm sure glad Bob had is operating frequency in his status text.  When
> I saw his position report about 40 miles to the west of my position on
> I70, I tuned to the repeater he was listening to, I was able to give
> him a call.
> I don't operate a digipeater (yet), so I don't know how difficult it
> would be to update them to work with today's N-n paths.  Does it
> require buying something?  A lot of time and effort?  I understand
> these things can take time, but this has been around for years now.
> 73 de Joseph Durnal NE3R

If the digi is based on a modern APRS-aware TNC (i.e. KPC3+, TNC2 clone 
with UI-Digi firmware, TNC-X, etc) or a software-based system (i.e. run 
by a computer)   it's just a matter of changing settings.  Just connect 
a laptop with a terminal program to the TNC's serial port, make a few 
changes to the path settings and/or beacon text messages and it's 

With an older TNC (i.e. early Kantronics, AEA PK-232 or standard TNC2 
clones like MFJ 127xs) that  DON'T  have APRS smarts to support 
decrementing  n-N paths, you would  either have to replace the firmware 
(in the case of original KPC3s or TNC2 clones)  or   replace the whole 
TNC (in the case of any AEA units).    Or put the TNC under control of a 
program running on an old hand-me-down clunker laptop running in KISS 
mode. In this case, the TNC's internal firmware revision level normally 
becomes irrelevent, assuming it DOES support KISS mode.

The real problems are 1) getting to some digipeater sites, and 2) 
getting the owners (who many times put up the digi years ago and then 
forgot about it) to understand the new path conventions and then do 


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