[aprssig] I-80 Ohio/IN and D710 objects

Rich Garcia k4gpsc at gmail.com
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I got to agree, a lot of wild ideas out there, some of them I do not believe
usefull and some are, this is one of them.
Drove 1200 miles the weekend before last with the D710 and testing out the
new firmware. A lot of objects out there, some would tune but most would
not. Some would key up but most would not so it was either a "paper
repeater" or the object did not include the proper, if any, tone code.

Over the entire trip I managed to have 2 QSO's both on repeaters that I was
aware of and pre-programed into the radio while my wife was driving earlyer
in the morning.

When it comes to repeater objects that can be probably the MOST useful thing
for visiting travelers but if it's a bogus repeater or not configured
correctly to use the TUNE feature don't even bother. I for one am not going
to be hunting down non-standard offsets or one of 32 PL tones while driving.
CTCSS decode is a nice feature but I find that most repeaters recently are
now blocking the input tone on the output. Shame..another useful feature out
the window and a nice feature to enable if you drive in an intermod plagued

About 6 weeks ago I did a SC to NY/NJ run along the western portions of VA
and MD. I saw a lot of repeater objects but most of them were showing up to
200 miles away. During various parts of the trip I also heard a lot of
packets in some areas but was not digi'ed and the positions that I did
receive I could not figure out what alias the digi used. Dangerous work to
figure this out on a Kenwood while you are driving and unless you pull over
to figure it out by the time you do chances are you have left or will be
leaving the coverage area soon and need to hunt down the alias of the next
digi you reach. The two areas I remember right now that were difficult were
Blacksburg VA and Reading/Harrisburg PA. In the Blacksburg area one thing
that I noticed was one a few stations had a SUPER long TXDELAY, think one of
them had TXDIDDLE ON, probably a AEA TNC since I think only AEA had that
feature. It created for a really high traffic load for very little actual

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This is just the digi announcing it's own presence.

What the discussion is about is having one of the beacon strings
announce the location of an open voice repeater repeater with coverage
approximately the same as the digipeater's.    Ideally this should be
beaconed on a direct path, or at maximum only one digi hop, and should
contain the repeater's location (coordinates so it will show on a map),
frequency and tone code (if any).

The idea to make travelers aware of the recommended voice repeater as
they pass through the coverage area of your digi,  when they are close
enough to actually hit it; not a hundred miles away.


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